The found present

Some time ago I read an interesting article about time perception on Futura newsletter. 

The author explains that as we grow up we usually lose the connection from the present, which is the only dimension we live in when we are children. In our adult life time becomes our worst enemy and we struggle as it seems to flow away so fast that it’s impossible for us to stay in the present moment. We keep projecting our thoughts to other time dimensions, looking beyond to what is yet to come, or back to what has been. If we want to find that happiness we experienced as kids, we have to re-find the present, to rebuild that connection with the now in order to enjoy staying there.

This text deeply touched my imagination, inspiring me on so many levels that it has been quite natural to put all the suggestions on paper (or tablet). Time is quite a challenging and yet stimulating theme to work with, most of all because it’s massively represented. Having the chance to merge it with childhood was simply too attractive for me!